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July 19

The top 10 mistakes companies make when defining their Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

It’s a hot topic at the moment and seems to be on many HR professionals to-do-list this year. However simple the process may look on the outside it can be fraught with danger. We’ve been in the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and E...

July 12

Defining your Employee Value Proposition – why do it?

I had a meeting with the FD of a new client recently. He harrumphed and said ‘Bloody HR, always finding ways to keep themselves busy, what is it they want to spend my money on now?’. We then had ...

July 4

Age in the workplace is the new diversity - problems and opportunities for society and employers alike

This is a transformational time in the workplace and no more so than in the likelihood of a 5 or 6 generation workforce. Everyone talks about the millennials and generation Z, seemingly ignoring the potential offered by older workers. Indeed, s...

June 9

We’re looking for an Account Executive

So the lovely Izzi has gone off for a spot of travelling, ahead of a move to the north, so we’re looking for a new Account Executive to join our Bristol team. Interested?

April 26

There's no smoke without fire

“Wow! Just had another candidate cancel an onsite interview based on a Glassdoor review. Pulling out of an interview based on a Glassdoor review is the equivalent to making a critical life decision based on what a Kardashian said...ra...

April 24

What's your staff retention model?

We’ve just changed our IT outsourcing partner. I know that’s a really dull sentence with which to start a blog but please bear with me.

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