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We are DNA

We help clients create stronger brands and better businesses. For some we help them find, keep and engage the staff they need. For others, we help them find, keep and engage the customers they need. And for many we do both.

Compelling. Expert. Refreshing. Hungry. We are DNA. 

Recruitment, retention & engagement

Find out how we can help you find, keep and engage the staff you need to run your business.


Marketing & customer engagement

Find out how we can help you find, keep and engage the customers you need to make your business successful.


About us

Find out more about us - what we do, who for and who we are.


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October 20

10 things HR professionals can do now for their businesses during COVID - it’s not just about getting through it, it’s about coming out stronger.

There’s never been a busier time for our HR clients. To quote one of them recently, ‘It’s been muck, blood and bullets every day – and we are struggling to make any headway in the short term’...

September 9

The top 10 mistakes companies make when defining their Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

It’s a hot topic at the moment and seems to be on many HR professionals to-do-list this year. However simple the process may look on the outside it can be fraught with danger. We’ve been in the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and E...

July 28

What impact is employee burnout having on engagement and retention?

Has anyone close to you asked you to cut down on your work? Do you feel guilty that you are not spending enough time with your friends, family or even yourself? If you answered ‘Yes’ to these, they have been i...


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