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April 13

5 reasons why an Employee Engagement survey should be top of your agenda in 2021

It’s been a long old year, and we can finally see a glimmer of hope and return to normality. So when was the last time you gave your employees the opportunity to really share how th...

February 4

There’s no health without mental health – Part 2

Taking the course and reducing stigma The stigma attached to mental health is huge and the first step to reducing this stigma is to talk, and thankfully all of our DNAers were on board with learning more. Every year it costs bu...

February 3

There’s no health without mental health – Part 1

Whether we like it or not, the workplace environment can influence our mental wellbeing. Statistics by show that 1 in 6.8 p...

January 28

2021: Are we teetering at the top of the engagement rollercoaster?

Looking to the future as we learn from the past Global employee engagement was running at a peak, according to the 2020 Kincentric Global Trends Report, increasing by 2% over the past year. Across Europe, the engagement score remain...

December 23

Employee engagement – your key priority for 2021

I think we all endured 2020 rather than enjoyed it but, here at DNA, we committed at the start of COVID to ‘come out stronger’. And in that respect 2020 has been a beneficial experience for us. As wi...

November 18

Simple steps to manage like a HERO in work and at home

It’s hard enough trying to manage if you can’t be in amongst your people right now, or even see them in a more engaging way than the token start of the day Zoom call, where a mosaic panel of faces appear and a...

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