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January 7

2019 - Back to the Present

So, having successfully consumed our entire body weight in mince pies we are now battling through the post-Christmas funk that is January. Along with our regrets of over-indulgence and our internal battles on whether we really DO need to stick ...

April 30

Preparing for your careers site for Google for Jobs

So you’ve probably got a careers site. You’ve probably got an ATS. You’ve probably invested significantly in each. But you’ve also probably heard that Google for Jobs is coming to the UK in 2018 and you’re not sure...

April 8

Preparing for Google's mobile first index

The introduction of Google’s mobile first index is the biggest change to search in years. Is your website ready? As more and more searches are done from mobile, Google wants their index to reflect the majority of their user preferences.

March 29

Managing your employer reputation online

We talk to lots of recruiters and although they all have their own unique challenges, one thing they all seem to share is a hatred for review sites like Glassdoor. As we all know, people are more likely to take to online channels to complain ab...

March 12

So you’ve developed your EVP and new employer brand. What’s the first thing you do? Nothing!

So you’ve developed your EVP and new employer brand. What’s the first thing you do? Nothing! You’ve started the journey to reap the many benefits of a distinct and compelling EVP and Employer Brand. You want to trans...

November 7

Preparing for 2018. How much of your Marketing budget do you spend on your existing staff?

  Defining your employee value proposition, and executing it through a compelling and coherent employer brand will do wonders for the profile of your HR Department and the metrics by which success is measured. We’ve saved clie...

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