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2019 - Back to the Present

So, having successfully consumed our entire body weight in mince pies we are now battling through the post-Christmas funk that is January. Along with our regrets of over-indulgence and our internal battles on whether we really DO need to stick to that New Year’s resolution, we have also found our minds pre-occupied with another question. What exactly is going to happen with recruitment advertising in 2019?

2018 was pretty full on when it came to the wider world of recruitment, not just as a consequence of continued political upheaval, but of course we had the much-revered Google for Jobs on our plates too. However, the one word (or words) that seemed to be on everyone’s mind as the year drew to a close was Artificial Intelligence. It sounded pretty cool at first but then a little bit scary, are we going to be interviewed by cyborgs? Or, more alarmingly will there be no jobs left for us mortals to even apply for?

The thing is though, having pondered on this (over my mulled wine), is that really Artificial Intelligence is actually not that big a deal. In fact, it is not even something new. In a Matrix-esque manner we seem to have forgotten we have already been using AI for years throughout the whole candidate attraction cycle. The SEO optimised content you use for your job description, that’s for the benefit of search engines not searching brains. The Applicant Tracking System – guess what? That’s all artificial intelligence too.

I suppose the thing that I’m trying to say is I actually don’t know for sure what is going to be THE most major change for recruitment in 2019 (you should probably ask John that). But, I can pretty much guarantee you are not going to witness the complete roboticization of recruitment, because to be honest AI has already happened and you didn’t really see it then – did you?

So, let’s all step worrying about this AI issue, and focus our energies on what we have seen time and time again actually does matter; a strong employer brand, a fantastic employee value proposition and a thought-through employee engagement strategy so we can attract and keep those non-artificial, non-robotic but in fact fully human beings that make our organisations so wonderfully unique.

Here’s to 2019!

In categories: Business thoughts , Employee engagement , Recruitment advertising news , Recruitment , Employer Branding
Author: Jessica Howcroft
Date published: 07.01.2019

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