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A week in the life of... a DNA Account Executive

This week we’re continuing our ‘Week in the life of…’ series with…me! My name is Izzi and I’m DNA’s very own Account Executive. I studied Politics at uni and worked in Customer Service before taking the leap and joining DNA in April 2016.

Monday:After our morning trafficking meeting, my first job was to check our social media and central inbox and reply to a few things that had come through over the weekend. DNA’s social media recently got handed over to me so I’ve been building time into my day to keep on top of it.

We are currently working on a careers site for one of our clients and there is lots of content to load so I got on with that which took most of the day. Content loading is very much a ‘head down, earphones in’ task, so naturally I went for a bit of Classic FM. Don’t knock it – it’s the ultimate motivational music.

There was a minor crisis when we discovered we had nearly run out of DNA USB sticks so I scrambled to get some quotes for new ones. I also spoke to the Studio a couple of times about some images I needed resizing for the careers site.

Tuesday:I had planned to start writing a CMS guide for the careers site we are building but our Client Services Partner, Fi, had some urgent checks she needed on another client’s site so I did that instead. The nature of my role means I often need to drop things to help my colleagues. It keeps things interesting! On my lunchbreak, I went for a walk in the beautiful Arnos Vale Cemetery which is just across the road from the Paintworks where DNA is based – a definite perk of the job.  

In the afternoon, we had some clients in for a meeting so I was there to greet them and keep them topped up with tea and biscuits. Between making cups of tea I worked on our content plan for the next couple of weeks and wrote a blog post for our website.

Wednesday:The Studio had completed the banners for the careers website so I uploaded those before heading out to drop some collateral off at one of our lovely local clients. When I got back I worked on the CMS guide I’d planned to write the day before, only to get distracted again by an urgent email from my colleague Betty. She needed help with competitor research for a client so I spent some time helping her with that. After that we had our weekly Client Services meeting. These meetings are useful because it gives us the chance to share what we’re doing and offer help and support. My role is to make the team’s lives easier, so it’s important for me to know what everyone is working on so I can jump in when I’m needed. 

Afterwards, I tidied the board room and set it up for a client meeting the next day. Back at my desk, I had an email from our Managing Partner, John, needing my help with some contracts that urgently needed signing and returning. On my way home I stopped at the Post Office to send out samples of some promotional items to one of our clients.

Thursday:I did a quick stock check and realised our famous biscuit supply was running dangerously low so it was off to the supermarket to stock up. Being in charge of biscuits is arguably my most important role at DNA, especially when our Creative Partner and notorious Jaffa Cake thief Chris is around. When I got back I placed a stationary order too (an agency can’t run on sugar alone).

I’d been sent some case studies for a few projects we’ve worked on recently so I spent some time proofreading them and slotting them into my content plan. We’re also in the process of updating the profiles on our website so I wrote a profile for Betty and asked her to write one for me, as well as booking in some time for Chris to take some pictures of us. 

Friday:There were back to back meetings in the board room today so I spent most of my morning making tea and going on a bacon sandwich run!

It’s rare that my job has much of a schedule but there are some weekly analytics reports which I send out to clients on a Friday so I did those today. I also completed my weekly update of some newsletter subscriptions for one of our retail clients and checked through the referral links for the websites we manage, blocking any spam ones.

My week ended with a training session about managing meetings effectively which I found really useful. At DNA we get lots of opportunities for training and are encouraged to attend workshops and talks which is great for our professional development. 

In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 28.11.2016

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