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A week in the life of... a DNA Account Manager

This week we’re continuing our ‘Week in the life of…’ series with Sam. Sam joined DNA as an Account Executive in May 2015, only to be promoted to an Account Manager a mind-boggling fast 11 months later. Here she shares what she got up to last week…

Mondays always start with a quadruple shot coffee and an agency-wide trafficking meeting. Here we looked at the week ahead in terms of what’s going on in the studio so the creatives know what work they can expect and the client services team are reminded what work they need to brief! I swiftly followed this up with a jaunt down the M5 to visit a client. We’ve been helping them develop a new product and will be launching it over the coming months so I went to present a first draft of a website design and accompanying copy. They loved it – always good to hear! I took their feedback and a handful of amends, jumped back in the car and headed back to the office.

Before settling in to a task for the afternoon, I proofed a couple of full page adverts we’d created for a client and sent these to the relevant publications. Finally, with another coffee in hand, I popped some NWA on Spotify, put in my headphones and prepared a host of questions for an upcoming employee survey.

After a sift through my inbox, I sat down with the rest of the Client Services team for our weekly catch up. It’s really easy to get buried in your own work and lose track of what everyone else has got going on, so we make a point of grabbing some time together to talk through what each other is up to. It helps us share knowledge and ideas and support each other when workloads start to mount up. Returning to my inbox, I picked up an ad hoc request from a client for some compliments slips and passed a brief over to the studio to work on this in their daily production slot.

My big task for the day was planning a three-stage email campaign for a client, looking at the content, mailing list and actions we want the readers to undertake. In the meantime, my compliments slips came back from the studio so I proofed these and passed them over to the client for approval. I finished up the day by attending a talk about UX and digital transformation, all washed down with a couple of gin and tonics. 

Wednesday started off with a sit down with Liam, one of our Designers. We’ve been working on a website re-design for a client and I needed to deliver some feedback and brief some amends. We discussed the client comments and the best way to approach some of the changes they’d requested.

I came back to my desk to find approval from the client on yesterday’s compliments slips so passed them to our print supplier to get them produced. I also got approval for our website design so caught up with our developer to start building the site.  

Thursday morning started full throttle by having a chat with a media sales rep to negotiate an advertising package for a retail client which I later put into a proposal. I also worked on the copy amends from my client meeting on Monday and briefed the studio on the creative for the email campaign I planned on Tuesday.

In the afternoon, one of our clients got in touch about a problem they were having with their website so I caught up with our developer to take a closer look and resolve the issue. The printer stopped by with my compliments slips so I checked these for quality and arranged for them to be delivered to the client. I finished off the day with my second talk of the week. This one was on augmented reality – something I’m hugely interested in and an area I see as a big opportunity for our clients.

I jumped straight into Friday by briefing the studio on amends to the new product website design from Monday’s meeting and a new infographic to communicate how the product works. I took some time to do a bit of admin, including updating the company pipeline and client development plan ahead of our next client services meeting on Monday.

I had a lunch meeting with a media rep to discuss their product offering and how we could promote the launch of our client’s new product with them. They also told me that they loved the new advert style we created for this client so much that they used one of our ads to fill a spare space in their current issue, giving our client an extra full page advert for free. I swiftly passed on the good news to the studio and the client - happy people all round!

I spent the afternoon tying up loose ends and making sure all my project tracking and invoicing is up-to-date. I also tried to answer some of Izzi’s tough life questions, such as, ‘when you walk, what do you do with your arms?’ and allowed her to introduce me to ‘bro country’. I immediately regretted this decision and distracted myself with a can of Thatchers cider to end the week.  

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In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 21.11.2016

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