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A week in the life of... a DNA Designer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work at DNA?

We’re a small but perfectly formed team and the variety of our clients means a variety of work too. As the classic recruitment adage goes: “No two days are the same!”. We’d like to give you a little flavour of what life is like at DNA, kicking off with our Designer and all round good-guy, Liam.

Liam has been with us for over two years – long enough to be a solid member of the team, not long enough to get sick of our biscuit selection. After studying Graphic Design at UWE in Bristol, Liam worked at another agency and also as a freelancer before coming to us.

Monday: We had our weekly trafficking meeting first thing in the morning to give us an idea of our schedule for the week. I designed and developed some HTML emails for one of our banking clients and completed some smaller ad-hoc jobs which came through during the day. I also watched a video about dogs failing at being dogs.*

Tuesday: I spent the morning looking at a photoshoot location with Betty, one of our Account Managers. We’re doing a photoshoot for a major retailer’s careers site and needed to make sure the location was suitable. In the afternoon, I designed some items for a desk drop campaign promoting a new referral scheme.

Wednesday: Today I worked on some amends for a website and ate a lot of Jaffa Cakes before meeting with our printer about some new print processes. I also got some feedback on the work I did for the desk drop campaign yesterday and made some amends to the designs.

Thursday: Most of the day was spent working with our Creative Partner, Chris, on a pitch we are doing for a retailer. One of the greats things about working in a small team is that I get to have lots of creative input on projects, which I really enjoy.

Friday: I designed a window graphic for a banking client and in the afternoon I worked on webpage design concepts for an energy company. The DNA week ends with beer o’clock on a Friday but I limited myself to just the one in anticipation of the mountain I was climbing the next day (yes an actual mountain – Snowdon to be precise!)

We’re on the lookout for a new Designer to join our team, so if Liam’s week sounds good to you then now's your chance to join him.


* – you’re welcome. 

In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 14.11.2016

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