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Animation for employee and customer engagement

Here at DNA, we are constantly challenged by clients to convey information to staff and customers in an engaging way. Briefs might include promoting a product or service, sharing data (e.g. staff survey results or customer feedback) or launching new initiatives internally (e.g. vision, mission and values or a new employer brand).

We’ve found that one of the best ways to do this is producing animated films.

Animated films can:

  • Convey information quickly and concisely
  • Bring information to life in an engaging way
  • Make a lasting and memorable impression
  • Grab attention and cut through the noise of other messaging formats

Benefits of animated films:

  • We process visuals 60,000 times faster than words
  • Research shows that viewers retain 58% more information watching a video than reading information
  • Including videos and animations on your website can increase conversion rates by 85% and have a positive impact on SEO
  • They are ecofriendly

You can check out some examples of our work on our show reel:

Case studies

Check our some of our animated film case studies:

  • Solsoft needed to educate customers and prospects about cyber threats and how their IT Managed Security Service could help detect and prevent them - read the case study
  • NMR needed to launch their vision, mission and values to a workforce across multiple locations - read the case study


Need help?

If you have a need to communicate some to staff or customers in an engaging way, get in touch and challenge us to help you bring your message to life.

In categories: Employee engagement , Customer experience , Design
Date published: 24.08.2018

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