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Christmas at DNA across the years

The tree is up, the songs have become impossible to avoid on the radio and it’s socially acceptable to wear the ugliest jumper you can get your hands on. This can only mean one thing: it’s Christmas! And with Christmas comes another DNA Christmas film. We'd like to invite you to take a peak at our 2015 edition and accept a very 'Merry Christmas' from us all.

But wait; there’s a catch… At this time of year, when we all relish being with our families, spending too much money on gifts and gorging on way too much turkey, chocolate and booze, there are many people far less fortunate than ourselves. This fact hasn’t been forgotten so we’re going to make a cash donation to two organisations that do some fab work throughout the year, but in particularly at Christmas, helping the homeless with support, advice and so much more: Crisis and The Salvation Army.

And this is where the catch - and you - comes in. For the first time, we're unleashing all of our Christmas films from across the years together. We want you to vote for your favourite and for each vote, we’ll make a donation to our chosen charities. So grab a beer, sit back and take a couple of minutes to inject some Christmas cheer with our films, before doing your good deed for the day and submitting a quick vote via the SurveyMonkey link at the bottom. Enjoy!


In categories: DNA news
Author: Sam
Date published: 17.12.2015

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