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Christmas at DNA: the votes are in

The memories of turkey-induced food comas and Monopoly-fuelled family feuds have already started to fade, so it’s hard to believe that Christmas was just a few weeks ago. However, I encourage you to cast your minds back… Far, far back to December of the year 2015.

You may remember that we unleashed all of our DNA Christmas films throughout the years at once, including our latest effort: The Mulled Wine One. We asked you lovely lot to vote for your favourite and you did - in your droves. So, first of all, thank you!

Most importantly, we also promised to make a donation to Crisis and The Salvation Army in exchange for your votes. You’ve done your bit and now it’s our turn, so we’ll be popping a cheque for £195 in the post to these excellent charities.

So, without further adew, I'm pleased to announce that the winner, with over 25% of your votes, was 2011's The Candle One.

In case you missed them (or if you just can’t get enough), here they are again.

 Thanks again for your support and we hope you enjoyed our films. Here’s to a great year and an even bigger and better Christmas film for 2016!


In categories: DNA news
Author: Sam
Date published: 22.01.2016

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