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Email marketing programmes – where to start?

Some organisations love email and invest heavily in the channel, recognising its real value. Others give a gentle nod to it in their marketing plans, but don’t fully exploit its full potential and some do nothing at all.

If you fall into the last category, you are missing a very obvious opportunity to speak to your customers and prospects. 

When executed well, email marketing can be a low cost/high return channel. However it’s also a multifaceted medium - from the way you collect data, to deliverability, customer lifecycle development, testing and recipient engagement – and often these areas are interlinked, for example content will impact engagement and engagement will impact deliverability. But don’t let this put you off, follow our 4 basic tips to getting started on the path to developing a successful email programme.

1. Data – It might sound boring, but good quality data is the corner stone of a successful email programme. So think about what data you might already have (how old is it and is it permissionable?) and the different ways that you can start growing your list organically. The most obvious place to collect sign ups is via your website. Also think about your social channels – is there an opportunity to encourage your social followers to sign up? And don’t forget about your offline channels – day-to-day communications, brochures, events, point of sale etc.

2. Communication planning – Before you start, give serious thought to what you are going to say, how often you are going to say it and to whom you’ll say it. This will ensure that you have good quality, engaging and relevant content.

3. Email Design – Think back to what you want to say – this will directly impact the design of your email template. A clever design could enable you to use the same template for multi-story newsletters and solus campaigns alike. And definitely think mobile - Litmus reports that more than 50% of emails are opened on a mobile device, so it’s vital your templates are fully responsive.

4. Campaign metrics - Different Email Service providers (ESPs) will offer different levels of reporting, but all should provide you with delivered, opened and clicked rates – if yours doesn’t then you should seriously think about switching. These metrics will tell you how engaged your audience is with you and the content of your email, use this information to influence your subsequent campaigns.

In categories: Digital advertising
Author: Sarah Robinson
Date published: 14.08.2014

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