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Employee Engagement matters

Much to your Finance department’s surprise employee engagement actually compliments your budgets. There are many low cost, no cost methods that can help engage your employees and see a reduction in recruitment costs in the long run.

As I always say, it’s not a cost it’s an investment. It’s about investing in people, the people that sit at the heart of your business driving you forward through the good times and the bad. By realising the potential of your people – and nurturing that potential – you can reap the rewards over and over.

But what exactly is Employee Engagement? It’s the emotional and functional commitment the employee has to their organisation. It’s about giving your staff the sense of belonging, that insider feeling, enabling them to see the vision of what your organisation is trying to do, and get them aboard the ‘how’.

According to CIPD Employee Outlook only 39% of employees are engaged. This is a cause for concern as engaged employees work harder and smarter. Not to mention they’re happier and therefore more likely to succeed and stay.

In categories: Employee engagement
Author: John Tarrant
Date published: 29.01.2014

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