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When was the last time you checked-in on your employer brand?

Employer Brand Audit

Effective implementation of your employer branding strategy, and specifically the employment experience that sits within it, is often seen as the gap between a leader’s expectation of what the business should achieve and the organisation’s capacity to deliver. However you now have an amazing opportunity to do things differently – new energy, new focus, new sense of purpose and to cast off the elements of the employment experience that are holding you back and build on those things that are the foundation to carry you forwards. All of those exciting things are possible but the process starts with two things that might be seen as less exciting. Setting objectives and an audit process.

Like it or not your employer brand will have changed during COVID -19 and an employer brand audit will give you a real time evaluation of what’s going well, where the disconnects (and time bombs!) are and what the essential remedial steps might be. After all, as an employer, you’re not who you say you are, what the staff say you are is the true reality.

The audit process has allowed us to implement some compelling employer brand programmes at the heart of many DNA clients. We have saved one bank nearly £1m in recruitment and turnover costs, two major retailers between £500k and £650k each and a motor services business around £600k in recruitment costs. More than that we have slashed attrition and improved engagement in many others. And for many clients built careers and reputations for them in the process. Which is nice!

If you need help assessing the effectiveness of your employer brand and understanding the positive impact it can have across the employee lifecycle, then get in touch for an initial discussion. Call us on 0117 300 3000 or email:

In categories: Employer Branding
Author: John Tarrant
Date published: 18.06.2020

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