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Event marketing and the need to plan ahead

Enabling target audiences to ‘experience’ a brand or interact with your company often requires a live event where consumers are encouraged to stop and think about the brand in some way shape or form. And when it comes to live events the sheer amount of organisation it will take can be quite overwhelming, so here are some tips to help make some sense of it all and get the most return on your investment.

1. Make sure your objectives are SMART:

T-Time-related objectives will help you achieve your desired outcome.

2. Understand your target audience.

It may sound obvious but a lack of knowledge or misjudging your audience could be your biggest downfall. So spend a little extra time researching who they are, why they're here, what they want to gain and, most importantly, what you want them to take away from the event.

3. Good staffing and the team around you.

Organising any event is a big task but when you're representing a brand everything from the smallest detail to the whole concept needs to be on brand, and this includes event staff. Both the staff behind the scenes and on the front line need to be aware of how their actions will effect the the success of the campaign. For example, having unengaged and/or un-informed staff being the face of a brand at a trade stand will leave a negative view for consumers, even if everything else was perfect.

4. Lets get social.

Social media is a great way to create a buzz around your event, and by tweeting, sharing and blogging before, during and after the event will ensure a lasting memory for your consumers.

5. Feedback and follow-up.

There are many ways to measure how successful your event or campaign was, but by far the most insightful method is to get feedback. Whether you do this via social media, inviting people to share their thoughts, or by surveys, on the day or after, you can be sure you're getting first hand information from your target audience. Make sure you always do what you say you will and get back to delegates if you've said you will, by the time you said you'd do it.

If you want more help or advice - or need help creating an event - contact or give us a call 0117 300 3000.

In categories: Business thoughts
Author: Sophie Drummond
Date published: 31.07.2014

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