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Harness data to amplify your social media strategy

I’m still reeling from the buzz of Social Media Week that the fabulous Bristol Media crew hosted here in Bristol. I was fortunate enough to take in a couple of talks and now that the dust has settled, I’m thinking about ways that I can bring these lessons into my everyday here at DNA, both for us as business and our lovely clients.

One of my top highlights from the week was a talk about harnessing data to amplify your social media strategy. It really struck me how simple it is to make data work that little bit harder for you and, ultimately, get improved results for businesses.

It’s common place for most companies to have a database of their own customers with whom they’ve developed insight on how best to communicate. There are also those people on social media whom we know we can target based on their interests. But then there are the people that overlap the two - and these are the ones that can play a critical part in amplifying key messages on social media channels. 

Think about the people who have done business with you in the past but haven’t for a little while. Or the ones who haven’t opened one of your emails over the past couple of months. Social media offers some prime real estate for you to put those key messages in front of them again for another chance at re-activating them. 

Now think about your best customers. They always open your emails. They buy and buy again from you. You know what these people look like because you’ve got all that lovely data in your own database. You can use social media to find more potential customers that look like these folks and are more likely than others to be interested in your products or services. Build a customer audience in the likes of Facebook and get your messages out that little bit further. This is how you can make that data work a bit harder for you and with very little extra effort!

In categories: Social media
Author: Sam
Date published: 05.12.2016

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