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Have you met the cat?

cat looking at screen


How many blogs, social posts, etc, etc start off with ‘In these strange times…’ or something similar, at the moment? Too many. So this one doesn’t. I actually don’t think they’re strange anyway. I think they’re just different. ‘Normal’ times before the ‘C‘ word appeared could be strange. We didn’t know what was going to happen from one day to the next. A simple question like “What are you up to on Saturday?” could quite easily be met with, “I don’t know yet”. Granted, this has blindsided us and it’s been far from friendly, but it is what it is and we are where we are.

What this has made me realise is that we’re all human. I’ve had meetings with people over the last few weeks that I’ve never met before. People at the top of their game and at the height of their careers. People working for big, brand names or people heading up big projects that will be hugely successful. And it’s been in their living rooms or home office. I’ve seen the kids come in, the cat walk in front of the screen and even someone fall over in their kitchen while their partner was talking. And I quite like that.

I love seeing clients either in their offices or ours, but there’s still the fact that it’s a business meeting in a business environment – albeit, we like to have quite relaxed meetings. But what I’m loving more and more is that whilst we’re still conducting ‘business meetings’, there’s something far more personal about them. And to me, that’s what makes them better. More intimate, personal and relaxed. The work is still getting done, but there’s something nice about seeing a little bit more of someone’s life rather than just asking how their weekend was before sitting down to conduct business. People are being themselves. Still professional, but themselves.

Every morning on our Zoom call, I’ve been wearing a different ‘outfit’. A wig or a hat – that kind of thing. It started off as a bit of a laugh. A way to make people smile on the call, but I’m actually really enjoying doing it. So much so, I’ve shaved half of my beard off and now resemble the late John McCririck. Granted, I felt slightly uncomfortable when I remembered I was having four conference calls back to back with a new client, but nobody was in the slightest bit bothered. I’m just being me.

So, maybe we should all just relax a bit more. Not take ourselves too seriously. Don’t be held back by what people think. And remember we’re all real people trying to do the best job we can in the best way we can.

Author: Chris Bennett
Date published: 23.04.2020

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