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How media planning can save you money

All too often we have conversations with new clients where we discuss how short on time they are and how difficult it can be to make space to review strategy or make fundamental changes to approach. This is often the case when reviewing recruitment strategy, with some clients relying more on recruitment consultants and agencies than they would like. Ideally, the majority of talent attraction would be done directly, giving organisations the opportunity to bring their employer brand to life and find candidates who are right for both the role and the company quicker. And there are of course huge cost efficiencies with direct recruitment.

When considering a direct talent attraction campaign or even your annual strategy, you are often faced with a plethora of media all shouting that they are the number one choice for that industry, when in fact the reality could be very different. Media planning can take a large amount of time to research, review and refine. The options are usually vast – not only in terms of the media but also the types of inventory that you can utilise. Deciphering buttons from banners and MPUs, and leaderboards from skyscrapers, can be a challenge. Consideration also needs to be given to social, search and, perhaps, even print. But the real challenge comes from planning a schedule that has the right mix of inventory that covers brand awareness, targeted options and is in budget.

While media planning takes time and research, the benefits tend to outweigh this investment. Media options for volume recruitment can be a really cost effective method.  While for niche roles, targeted options can get your vacancies in front of both passive and active candidates who have the right skills and experience needed. Direct recruitment also provides an opportunity to talent bank candidates for future. And, it is always worth remembering that DNA can take the pain away and do the research and planning for you. We’ll do the hard work and present you with a shopping list of options, with our recommendations or simply those core suggestions to what we believe to work best. The end result is the same – you haven’t had to spend time researching and refining, and you have a plan of activity which fits your requirements, helps raise your employer brand and reduces costs.

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In categories: Business thoughts , Campaign management and ROI tracking , Digital advertising , Recruitment
Author: Tivoli
Date published: 03.04.2017

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