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Planning for 2018 - repositioning and repurposing your HR Department

I was talking to a client last week about the ROI they could expect from defining and implementing their EVP before the end of 2017. We kicked around the usual suspects of reduced cost and time to hire, success in role and the critical elements of aligning the employer and the customer brand. All these factors are relevant and equally important in any business.
However, the key objective we’re going to achieve together over the next few months is the repositioning of their HR department. For far too long, the HR team there has been seen as a poor relation in the business. One of the other head office departments there describe the function as ‘Hardly Relevant’ or ‘Human Remains’. Harsh, and not funny or true, but that’s their perception and something has to be done to change it.
        If the company was a train, at the moment HR is seen as the last carriage. A bit of a dead weight dragged along by all of the other departments. HR pays people, hires some of the people and keeps the tissues handy.
     But that’s going to change - we’re moving up the train and through the definition and implementation of the EVP we’ll be in the middle of the train. A respected peer among all the other departments. And by the end of 2018 we’ll be in the engine car driving change and driving the business.
       This isn’t just PR for HR, it’s real. Moreover, it’s the realisation that the people agenda is the most important factor in everyone’s 2018 business plan. It’s the area of greatest potential risk and greatest potential opportunity. It’s people who define culture, people who deliver those promises you make to customer’s day in day out, people who drive change and people who create success. And it’s the HR department that drives the people agenda.
The EVP and Employer Brand will be implemented robustly at every touch point on the employee lifecycle. We’ll measure the ROI of this meaningful change throughout- covering everything from candidate experience, cost per hire, time to hire, employee engagement, employee advocacy, internal customer NPS and external customer NPS and more.
And those other Departments will be hiring, inducting, recognising and rewarding their staff in line with the EVP – with HR driving the change.
As you prepare for 2018 where would you like your HR department to be on that train?
Wherever you are now, there is a place in the engine car waiting for you.
If you’d like to discuss what the right EVP could do for you, your team and your business call us today or email.
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In categories: Employer Branding
Author: John Tarrant
Date published: 03.10.2017

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