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Preparing for 2018. How much of your Marketing budget do you spend on your existing staff?

Defining your employee value proposition, and executing it through a compelling and coherent employer brand will do wonders for the profile of your HR Department and the metrics by which success is measured. We’ve saved clients millions of pounds in recruitment fees and proven that increased employee engagement drives up staff retention and advocacy and drives down absence and attrition.
So far so good for HR but what could it do for your Marketing and customer experience?

You might think that your company simply deals in products or services and that’s what the customer buys. Wrong. Today’s customers are buying an experience which might take precedence over your beloved product or service. And it’s your employees who deliver both on that experience and all the other promises that you make to customers every day in your Marketing.
Do your staff really know what you want and need them to be at work? And why it’s important? (For that matter, do your leaders and managers know what you need them to be?). Your staff have to buy your brand every day. How are you framing it, presenting it, living it? If it’s ‘just OK’ at the moment, would you buy it if you were them? Is ‘just OK’ going to drive the performance you need?
The potential is there waiting to be unlocked. It starts with your EVP: The statement of intent as to what you stand for as an employer, how you want to be known in the markets that matter to you and the employment promise you make to staff in return for them bringing their talent to work every day. You then have an effective platform to take them on a journey from transactional employment to genuine emotional engagement – and that, in turn, is what will provide the platform for meaningful engagement with customers day in day out and those experiential moments of truth which matter so much. And probably provide the difference between a ’just OK’ 2018 and a really good one.
If you want to make 2018 your best year yet – and to leave a legacy of improvement for 2019 and beyond – then get in touch today.

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In categories: Employee engagement , Employer Branding
Author: John Tarrant
Date published: 07.11.2017

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