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Preparing for Google's mobile first index

The introduction of Google’s mobile first index is the biggest change to search in years. Is your website ready? As more and more searches are done from mobile, Google wants their index to reflect the majority of their user preferences.
Although Google has counted mobile friendliness as a ranking factor since 2015, this is a much bigger step change into the mobile world. Now, rather than the desktop version of your site being primary and mobile secondary, mobile will be primary, meaning the responsiveness of your website is key. It’s called “mobile-first” because it’s not a mobile-only index. But if your site doesn’t deliver a good mobile experience to users, it could impact negatively the ranking of your site.

When considering what’s important to stay ahead of the game with this change, consider not only the search giant but also your users. The experience of both is critical. For example, Google rewards speed, but users get fed up waiting for a site to load and move onto another if it doesn’t load fast enough. So the two really are intrinsically linked. Do right by both of them and you’re likely to be ok.

Things to consider now:

Speed – how fast is your website on mobile? Have you optimized the assets and built your code to load in the most effective way? Ask your developer to run a test and make suggestions for improvement.
Content optimisation – is it easy to consume context on your mobile site? How could you make it better? Review your content on a mobile device and consider what would make it better/easier to use.

Google will of course, still reward good SEO practice but, moving forwards, considering the experience on mobile will be key. Ask us for a free web audit if you’d like to know how you can best prepare for this change.

In categories: Digital advertising , Recruitment advertising news , Customer experience , Recruitment , Design , Employer Branding
Author: Fiona Stewart
Date published: 03.05.2018

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