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Question of the Week: BISCUITS

The DNA biscuit tin is famous, at least round these parts. Obviously, we can’t divulge the exact formula for filling such a superior biscuit tin (it’s top secret) but is loosely based around the Kit Kat Chunky and whatever is on offer at Sainsbury’s. As such, team DNA’s biscuit recommendations are very refined and should be trusted. Here they are (in three words):

Tivoli: Maryland Cookies. Lovely! (Maryland Cookie)
Liam: I heart 'Nobs (Chocolate Hobnob)
Sarah: Biscuit, mallow, chocolate (Wagon Wheel)
Izzi: Crunchy, buttery shortbread (Shortbread Finger)
Fi: Chocolate. Wafer. Yum.
John: They really are delicious. Sweet but salty. (Farmhouse Oat Flip)*
Betty: Perfect flavour mixture (Chocolate Orange Digestive)**
Mat: Humble biscuit jammified (Jammy Dodger)
Chris: It's very versatile (Carr's Water Biscuit)

Tell us your favourite biscuit next time you pop in and we'll make sure we add it to the tin!

*Clearly not three words but he’s the boss.
**Fun fact: Betty originally tried to go with Peanut Butter Cups, clearly not a biscuit, very much a confectionary item. 

In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 07.04.2017

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