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Question of the Week: Desert Island Discs edition

Look, don’t tell anyone but every now and then I like to pretend I’m a Radio 4 presenter. I keep that little titbit locked in the same place I keep my secret habit of pretending I’m presenting a cooking show when I make my dinner. Anyway, for today’s edition of QotW I’m channelling my inner Kirsty Young. My castaways? Who else but Team DNA!

For those of you unfamiliar with Desert Island Discs, each week a castaway talks Kirsty through the eight records they would take with them to a desert island. They also get a luxury item and a book. The entire back catalogue is available on iTunes for your listening pleasure.

The Jam – Boy About Town
It takes me right back to my youth. Not as well known as their others but great.
The Eagles – Desperado
Just stunning.
Les Mis – Bring Him Home
As with all the others in the show, it’s so well crafted.
Morecambe and Wise – Bring Me Sunshine
Again, a song from my childhood but just a great song. Check out the version done by the Jive Aces.
Harry Connick jnr – It Had To Be You
Just because.
The Beatles - Blackbird
So simple but brilliant.
Stereophonics – Handbags and Gladrags
Not the original, I know, but his voice is so good on this version. As it is on ‘The first time ever I saw your face’ with Jools Holland but I’m only allowed 8 so won’t mention this one.
The Specials – Monkey Man
Just think it’s one of those ones that can lift you.
Luxury item: A wood burner
Book: To Kill a Mockingbird

Michael Jackson – Bad
Reminds me of being really young. When my brother moved out when I was around 8, him being 22 he left me all of his tapes as a parting gift. Most of them were awful but Michael Jackson, Bad was an absolute belter.
Youth Group – Forever Young
This reminds me the later days of School and sixth form, it feels like the unofficial anthem of this time on my life and was also one of the songs used in our end of sixth form fashion show.
David Bowie – Life on Mars
This reminds me of rollerblading. As a teenager, I spent all of my free time rollerblading and this was one of the stand out tracks from the ghetto blaster that we used to take with us everywhere.
Kiss – Detroit (Rock City)
I used to listen to this song whilst eating a twin and drinking a can of Diet Red Bull before every football match a played between 2005-2010, at least twice a week to get motivated.
Moving Pictures –  Never
This a song that reminds me of being at university. I had a playlist of songs that which I called ‘the Montage playlist’ which would summon an 80’s movie montage style progressively getting better and doing lots of hard things quickly sequence. I think I could probably do with a motivational song on the island. This is also the song form the famous dance sequence in the film footloose so I could have some fun trying to recreate that.
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes – Home
This song came out just as I met Ali, my fiancé and reminds me of our time courting.
Creedence Clearwater Revival – Up Around the Bend
This song reminds me of a time when I road my bike to Budapest following the Danube river, it was the best adventure I’ve had so far.
Phil Phillips and the Twilights – Sea of Love
I would like this to be first dance song at Ali and I’s wedding next year, I haven’t put it past her yet but it’s a great love song and it reminds me of her.
Luxury item: Small Football – months of entertainment with a ball as you can make up an infinite amount of games or you could do a Tom Hanks, paint a face on it and become best mates.
Book: Oxford English Dictionary of Quotes

Joan Armatrading – Woncha Come On Home
I was with my Mum when we she bought this on vinyl in an Oxfam shop. I love every song on the album but this is my favourite.  
Joni Mitchell – Woodstock
This was the first Joni Mitchell song I ever heard and I remember being completely blown away by it. It’s a beautiful, ethereal song.
Laura Marling – Blackberry Stone
I love Laura Marling so much. Her beautiful voice and lyrics have soothed me through some tricky times.  
Maximo Park – I Want You To Stay
When I was a teenager Maximo Park were my absolute favourite band. I listened to A Certain Trigger over and over again. This was my favourite song on the album.
Cat Power – Sea of Love
Yes, it’s from the Juno soundtrack. It’s also my top choice for a wedding song.
Kelis ft. Andre 3000 – Millionaire
My all-time favourite song.  
Ludovico Eianaudi – Le Onde  
A beautiful piece of music.  
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Reminds me of a particularly lovely winter day I spent with some friends when I was 18.  
Luxury item: A mattress. I cannot abide an uncomfortable bed.
Book: The Roald Dahl Anthology  

The first seven because I love them…the last one because that will be my anthem for the jaunt on a deserted island. 
Fleetwood Mac – Go your Own Way
Jessie Ware - Wildest Moments
Bush – Glycerine 
Ben Howard – Old Pine 
Bruce Springsteen – Dancing in the Dark
The XX – Basic Space 
Everything But The Girl – Mirrorball
Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out for a Hero

Luxury item: A bag of thick raincoats. If three men can escape Alctraz on a makeshift raft made out of raincoats then that’s what I am taking.
Book: A world atlas

For me music is about memories and emotions so all the songs I’ve picked are more about what they remind me of and the story they tell rather the actual beat or tune itself.
Any Abba song
They all remind me of great family trips, loud singing in the car.
Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
One of those ones that takes me back to childhood and family reunion dancing parties. Good old times.
Dirty Dancing – (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life
Just because I’ve pretended so much to be Baby in the early 90s that it is now part of me.
JJ Goldman – Puisque tu pars
I was secretly hoping someone would sing this song to me when I was 17 and left home to go live in the US for a year. It’s about a man who feels that the only way he can feel fulfilled is by starting a new life away from where he’s always been. The person singing is his best friend who expresses how saddened he is to see him go but also how much he respects his decision and understands his choice.
Any song by Marc Anthony
Salsa type music, these just cheer me up and remind me of the time I was dancing salsa, loved it, miss it.
Ricardo Arjona – Dime Si El
Memories of Mexico, summer 2005. Those Mexican people are soooooo romantic that it is actually hilarious to listen to the lyrics of their romantic songs.
Molotov – Gimme todo el poder
Again memories of Mexico, summer 2005 & 2006. Very political, criticising the corruption and poverty issues in Mexico. A song known and sung by many locals at the time.
Ed Sheeran – Photography
One of the songs I could hear multiple times per day. I have a particular "link" to Ed Sheeran as I saw him singing in a small pub in London before he was famous.
Luxury item : none. Who needs a luxury item when on a desert island? I would just enjoy the surroundings…
Book: Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The way I see it, I’m going to have a massive party. Probably going to die on the island anyway since I’m banned taking anything that might help me survive!
Incredibly untrendy tracks:
Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard
Blink 182 - Reckless Abandon
Chase & Status – Alive
Jamie XX – Gosh
Kansas – Carry on Wayward son
Delphic – Doubt
Duke Dumont – I Got You
Groove Armada – Superstylin

Luxury item: A gigantic bottle of rum
Book: 1984 (I rarely read but with all the extra time I’ve had why not read something I’ve always wanted to).

Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk
Reminds me of great nights out with the girls.
Toni Braxton – Unbreak My Heart
A song from my youth (it used to drive my Dad crazy when I played it on repeat for months when I was 15!)
Adagio for strings
Beautiful and makes my cry
Adele – Skyfall
Just epic!
Counting Crows – Sullivan Street
Reminds me of uni days.
Whitney Houston – Run to You
Could have picked anything from the Bodyguard soundtrack. Embarrassing but true! I’ve been known to warble along after a few drinks.
Florence + The Machine – Spectrum
Reminds me of living in Chicago and seeing them play at the House of Blues.
Take That – Rule the World
I had a strings version of this when signing the register at my wedding.
Luxury item: My paperwhite Kindle with 4G (because one book won’t be enough!!)
Book: A little life by Hanya Yanagihara. A really beautiful and equally horrible book. It’s very long (so that’s good if you’re stuck on an island), it’s uplifting but also heart breaking (I think it would remind me that things could be worse than being stuck on an island).

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Author: Izzi
Date published: 24.03.2017

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