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Question of the Week: dream holidays

Sticking with the desert island theme, I asked the team a slightly less arduous question this week.

Either a tour of Thailand, because I’ve heard so much about it or the Galapagos Islands because I’m intrigued by them. I’d like to go alone but the family can fly out for a bit if they have to.

My dream holiday would be a tour of Italy. I’ve been thinking about doing one for years but as yet it eludes me. As this is a bit fictional I’m going to say I want it to include ALL of these lovely places: The Lakes, Florence, Sienna, The Amalfi Coast (Naples, Ischia, Capri), Tuscany, Sicily…  I’m going to leave off Rome as I finally have a trip planned there this Easter. Whoop!! I’ve never been anywhere in Italy and have always wanted to go – I’m excited about the architecture and the delicious food. (Clearly, I’m more excited about the food!)

Look, I’m nothing if not basic so I’d love to hike the Pacific Crest Trail to find myself à la Cheryl Strayed. Not much of a holiday but I’d be wiser, thinner and maybe I could write a best-selling memoir when I’m done. Also, my chin is not dissimilar to Reece Witherspoon’s, so she could play me when they do make the film too.  

The West Coast of America – San Francisco, LA, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, maybe even Las Vegas…

This is the holiday I’ve dreamed of for years but never got round to do it as I’d like to make it a proper (at least one month) trip.

I’d also love a tour of South America: watch tango in Argentina, dance samba in Brazil, visit the Machu Picchu pyramids in Peru, travel through the Andes…

I could spend six months there and would enjoy every moment of it, actually that’s probably my 'dream life' rather than a dream holiday!

Italy – With a name like Tivoli, you can’t never have been to Italy.
South America – Brazil, Rio, Argentina and specifically, the Iguazu Falls.
Scandinavia – after a jaunt to Norway last year, I would love to see more of the countries and, of course, the Northern Lights.

Best destination I have been to: New Zealand, if you haven’t been, go!

Lakka in Paxos in Greece where I’ve been several times, a winter break in a cottage in Cornwall, Devon or Dorset (also done) or a beach holiday in the Maldives. Still to do.

Why? Because I love Lakka, Devon, Cornwall and Dorset and think I’d like the Maldives.

I’ve always wanted to travel around Asia. Do a mixture of winging it and a few hotels along the way.

Start in Japan (Tokyo and then on to rural Japan which is said to be incredible). Next to South Korea and China (Shanghai/Hong Kong/some rural areas). Then on to Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Finish the trip off with some time in Bali in a nice hotel to relax before heading back to normality.

One can dream!

Camper van. New Zealand. 9 months. Did 6 weeks in 2005, need to do it again but for longer!

In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 31.03.2017

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