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Question of the Week: favourite films

Moving swiftly on from last week’s pie extravaganza (we feel a bit queasy to tell you the truth), this week we’re sharing our favourite films with you. We’re nothing if not a cultured bunch here at DNA.

Intouchable (a French film)

It brings a lot of emotions; it’s funny and a bit sad at the same time. It’s based on the true story of two people from very different backgrounds (one who is disabled), how they complement each other and how their friendship grows despite how different they are. It’s just one of those films that make you feel something!

Forrest Gump
It seems like it's a few films all wrapped into one as there is so much that happens in the story. Each segment making you feel differently to the last but leaves you with overall sense of life affirming happiness at the end. The soundtrack has also laid the foundations for the majority of my music taste with belters such as The Doors, Credence Clearwater Revival, Simon & Garfunkel and Buffalo Springfield. Tom Hanks is also my favourite actor as I consider 99% of his films to me great, the 1% being Cloud Atlas – what a load of absolute flipping nonsense.

Pulp Fiction
Stylistically brilliant and just the right amount of (always on point) humour. That and probably some of the best quotes of any film.

The Breakfast Club
I first saw this when I was about 13. It was about 2am and I couldn’t sleep so I turned the TV on and happened to catch it as it was starting. I ended up staying up and watching the whole thing. Despite being released years before I was even born, it spoke to me in a way my angst-ridden teenage brain could understand and has been my favourite ever since.

The Goonies
It’s not that it’s a kids’ film. For me It epitomises the spirit of adventure, friendship, imagination and fantasy. And I love a pirate adventure.

The Muppet Christmas Carol
It’s a crap film but we always sit down as a family and watch it every Christmas.

The Shawshank Redemption
It really depends on my mood but I’d say this one was my overall favourite. It’s just a classic – Morgan Freeman is epic!

Far too difficult to answer.

Saving Private Ryan

For the cinematography and the way it approached the whole 'war' genre.
Hacksaw Ridge
As above.

The Shawshank Redemption
Just a brilliantly made and acted film.
To Kill a Mockingbird
A beautifully written book which is well represented on film.
The Great Escape
Just an all time classic.
The Dam Busters
Brilliant story. Superb for its time.
Beautifully acted.
Finding Nemo
Just brilliant.
The English Patient
 Just a beautiful film.
The Green Mile
Never tire of watching it. Superb.
Despite predicting the end, every scene was brilliant. Superb cinematography.
Toy Story
What’s not to like?
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
 Great music and just a feel-good film.
Legends of the Fall
Just a superb film brilliantly acted with a great storyline.

There are others, but these stand out. And no, I won’t just pick one of them.

All of the James Bond films.
Because why wouldn't you?

Stir Crazy
Because it makes me laugh!


In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 17.03.2017

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