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Reward & Recognition – a focus on managers' toolkits

Recognising and rewarding your team’s efforts is, according to HR Magazine, a strategic imperative. In a smaller company this is usually easier to do – senior management can be hands on and involved in all aspects of reward and recognition, something which becomes more of a challenge in larger organisations. In these scenarios more than ever, it is essential that leaders empower their managers to recognise the efforts of their teams separately to any central schemes that might be in place.

One of the most effective ways to empower managers while also recognising the contribution of the workforce, is through creating what we call ‘managers' toolkits’. A toolkit could be as simple as arming managers with branded thank you cards and a guide to how to recognise their teams. However, the more tools included, the more your managers can engage and support your workforce, which in turn leaves them feeling more empowered. The purpose of a toolkit is to help each manager to create a positive, engaging workplace, in their own way, in each part of an organisation.

A more extensive reward and recognition toolkit might include:

  • Welcome packs for new starters – make new employees feel welcome and ready for the next stage in their careers
  • Thank you cards – because it is always nice to receive a real card versus an email.
  • Spot gifts for hard work or going above and beyond a normal day – this gives managers real autonomy to reward their staff, whether it’s a small gesture or a Mont Blanc pen.
  • Maternity/Paternity cards and gifts – to support and congratulate employees when life changes.
  • Birthday cards – a nice way to acknowledge life outside of work, with a simple ‘Happy Birthday’.
  • And much more…

    These are some of the more general items we have included in toolkits. Ultimately, each toolkit should be customised to a organisation and the more creative, engaging and unique they are to the business, the more people will buy into it. The more people buy in to it, the better the toolkits will work, and will result in a more engaged, focused team. It’s a no brainer!

    To talk to us about how you can introduce managers ' toolkits to your organisation, get in touch on or call 0117 300 3000.

In categories: Business thoughts , Employee engagement
Author: Tivoli
Date published: 15.03.2017

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