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ROI On Your Employer Brand - one thing you can be sure of in uncertain times

It’s chaos out there, do we have the politicians we deserve? Do we have a clue what’s going to happen in our markets, our economy, or our society for that matter?

There are many things we can’t control right now which is why we should focus on those things where we can make a material and measurable difference. And none is more important than investing in defining and embedding your Employer Brand. What do you stand for as an employer? How do you want to be known among the audiences that really matter? And most importantly where can you deliver the employment experience that will set you apart from your competitors and in so doing eliminate the things that currently hold you back right across the employee lifecycle.

Implementing an authentic, consistent and compelling employer brand goes way beyond attraction and recruitment. It helps describe what you want and need your staff to be at work; it’ll underpin the style of your leaders and managers; it’ll permeate every touch point of the psychological contract and in so doing take you to a better place.

But it doesn’t just happen. If you want the ROI then you have to earn it. SMART objectives from the outset are a must, after all, what you don’t set you don’t achieve. And in addition to clear benchmarks, you need to plan carefully, execute with flair and measure everything. And remember it’s a journey. You won’t change the world all in one go but there’s always enough low hanging fruit to make a real tangible difference quickly.

So, what do you want to achieve? Every organisation is different and every situation is different but some, maybe all, of the following feature in our clients’ planning process;

  • Reduce cost per hire (and raise profile in hard to reach talent markets)

  • Reduce time to hire and improve recruitment efficiency metrics

  • Reduce attrition

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Have a more agile, change aware workforce with more great ideas as to how you can improve further

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Increase employee advocacy

  • Align the customer and employer brand

  • (Re) Position the HR Department as the drivers of effective business change

  • (Re) Position the organisation as current, relevant, and still here….

Some clients tell us they have a ‘Great story to tell’ but just aren’t doing so. Some say ‘We just need a different type of person for the changing world we’re in’ or just ‘Fewer better people’. A common cry for help is around attrition where the typical length of stay is less than 15 months and if that could simply be extended beyond 2 years the difference to the organisation’s efficiencies and overall performance would be exponential.

Whether you’re one of those or have a different cry for help, then we feel your pain. However, the good news is that investing in your employer brand will make you money and save you money now, whilst creating a firm foundation for further ongoing improvements. It’s a clear path – with a clear process – that many clients have taken. All it needs in the first instance is the recognition that something needs to change and that this is the watershed moment.

Make that call. Oh, and then call us. We can be reached at 0117 300 3000 (or email

We are the seasoned, expert and reliable guide who will partner you through the process to help you set and achieve the objectives and prove the ROI.

How does that sound?

In categories: Business thoughts , Employee engagement , Recruitment , Employer Branding
Author: John Tarrant
Date published: 13.03.2019

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