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So you’ve developed your EVP and new employer brand. What’s the first thing you do? Nothing!

So you’ve developed your EVP and new employer brand. What’s the first thing you do? Nothing!

You’ve started the journey to reap the many benefits of a distinct and compelling EVP and Employer Brand. You want to transform your employment experience and build your employer reputation. Fair enough. And, yes, the EVP should give you a warm feeling deep inside and the new brand creative is tempting you to spray it across the known world without a second thought. But, what's the first thing you do once you’ve developed your new EVP and shiny new Employer Brand? The answer is nothing. You stop. Then you take stock. The EVP and employer brand are a means to an end not an end in themselves. At the starting point of the journey you’ll have set and prioritised objectives. Since then, time will have moved on, things may have changed inside your business and in the external market. Are your original intentions still valid? Furthermore, you can’t improve what you don’t accurately measure so what benchmark metrics do you have in place?

So, assuming you’ve re-evaluated and reconfirmed your objectives and have a true benchmark in place can you crack on? No.

The next step is to map out the entire employment experience right across the employee lifecycle – from initial attraction to exit and alumni. More than map it, you’re going to obsess about it. Every touch point is an engagement opportunity, every touch point is a leadership opportunity. Every touch point is an opportunity for you to bring your brand to life where it matters most -  in the hearts, minds and actions of your existing and potential talent. What you do may stay broadly the same but how you do it has the opportunity to change fundamentally. Whether it’s seeking out hard to reach talent, supercharging your leaders and managers to be the leaders and managers you need them to be to drive change, reducing attrition, increasing engagement and much more. That’s your opportunity so do take some time to think about the true implementation potential.

Here at DNA we call it embedding and operationalising your EVP and employer brand. It’s not the catchiest of phrases but the reality is that great work – the work that produces great creative, real change, culture shift and more - is underpinned by potentially boring things like planning, structure, discipline, process and measurement.

Plan carefully, execute with flair, measure everything and have some fun along the way. It’s all good.

In categories: Employee engagement , Employer Branding
Author: John
Date published: 30.01.2018

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