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Social Media Week 2016

From November 14th-16th the DNA team made the most of Bristol Media’s fantastic Social Media Week, attending a range of talks and learning stacks of new things. Between us, Sam, Betty and I went to several different sessions and each one provided us with some valuable insights.

For me, a definite highlight was a talk from the social media guru Luan Wise on the top 10 social media mistakes. As a relative newbie to using social media for business, this was a really useful lowdown on the key do’s and don’ts and I came away feeling much more confident in my strategy.

The talk that got me most excited was from Emily Waddell, the person responsible for catapulting digital agency E3’s social media presence from decidedly average to top of their game. Emily’s talk, which was held at the iconic Ovo offices, was packed full of practical tips and ideas and I left feeling inspired and excited to get cracking on DNA’s own social media.

Sam, our resident data nerd, loved the breakfast session she went to at The Real Adventure Unlimited on harnessing data to amplify your social media strategy. The in-depth talk provided valuable insight on how to use social media to target potential customers based on the ones you’ve already got. Also noteworthy was a talk given by John Sandall from the General Assembly. John explored how data science – using scientific techniques and modelling – can be used to transform a social media strategy. He drilled home the importance of being clear on what you are trying to achieve and choosing the right metrics to follow.

Betty’s favourite talk was all about talent attraction in the social media age and featured a diverse group of speakers, all providing brilliant insights. Key takeaways included the importance of being transparent and honest about yourself as an employer and involving your employees in the process. Another highlight for Betty was hosted by Valuable Content. We’re big fans of Sonja and Sharon here at DNA and they didn’t disappoint. The case studies were interesting and proved that nothing is too boring for social media when there’s passion behind it. 

We really enjoyed our Social Media Week experience and the opportunity it gave us to get out and about and say hello to some fellow Bristol marketers. Bring on SMW 2017!

In categories: DNA news
Author: Izzi
Date published: 24.11.2016

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