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Talent Attraction – time to get creative

HR departments are under the cosh it seems. During the recession many were reduced from a team of specialists to a smaller core of all-rounders. Recruitment was minimal, attrition low and the training budget was there to be saved not invested. So, no huge struggles and the Finance Director was happy. Having had a good recession, the ‘people plan’ is now the biggest risk factor in most firm’s aspirations to have a good recovery. Finding, keeping and engaging staff is the top of the agenda and it’s a hard job given the lack of investment over the last few years.

When it come to recruiting staff, targeted and brand-led use of job boards plays a significant role, but it’s important to remember the other channels available that could be better suited to your needs. There are plenty or low cost no cost routes you can explore.

When was the last time you blew the dust off of your referral scheme, jazzed it up, implemented with conviction and sustained it? Referral schemes could offer you more engaged employees, maybe someone that knows more about the company and is already engaged with your employer brand..

Have a look at your website, is it a help or a hindrance to effective hiring? It’s not just about giving prospective candidates the standard information, it’s all about how you make them feel. If a potential employee looks at your website they should be coming away feeling enthused and encouraged.

Social media for hiring is at an all time high, with 29% of job seekers using social media as their primary searching tool according to TIME. Used in the right way it’ll take your messages to parts of the market you’d otherwise find hard to reach.

If you’re going to get creative with your media it’s a good idea to refresh your message too. Make it compelling, real and relevant. There are more good jobs than people to do them and if it’s the passive job seeker you’re after, you’ll need to be found and then engage them quickly.

In categories: Recruitment advertising news , Social media
Author: John Tarrant
Date published: 02.01.2014

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