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The business case for employer branding

Many organisations are keen to realise the potential of their Employer Brand but often don’t quite know where or how to start on the journey. They think it’s expensive, or maybe they’re not entirely sure what Employer Branding really is.

Quite simply, Employer Branding is a strategy used to appeal to desired current and future talent. That doesn’t sound too complicated does it?

What’s more, get it right and your Employer Brand can save and make you money. How? Well, every company is different, but in our experience these are the top ten measures you could use to prove the ROI:

  1. Reduced cost per hire
  2. Reduced time per hire
  3. Improved employee performance
  4. More focused and efficient recruitment process
  5. Less/no reliance on recruitment and temp agencies
  6. Lower attrition
  7. Greater employee advocacy and approval rates
  8. Greater customer advocacy
  9. Increased size and quality of talent pool
  10. Increased quality and number of speculative applications

    So you’ve decided you want to get started on your Employer Branding journey, now you need a process. Like any journey, there are twists and turns along the way and different directions to veer off in. There are many different ways to implement a successful Employer Brand but at DNA, we follow a tried and tested 7-step path:
  1. Setting objectives
  2. Discovery and research
  3. Interpretation
  4. Definition
  5. Segmentation
  6. Creative development and testing
  7. Implementation

    Remember it’s a journey and like any journey it needs a clear sense of purpose and a reliable guide. Contact us if you want to discuss your employer branding project.


In categories: Business thoughts
Author: Izzi
Date published: 14.12.2016

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