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The definition of account management

Account Manager. The term means different things to different people. A lot of the time, people think I have a job looking after finances – as ‘aren’t accounts everything from a profit and loss, to balance sheet’? There are some that just look at you blankly and then come in with, ‘Oh how interesting. So, what does an account management job involve?’. Then there are the people in the know, the people who understand the life of an Account Manager – it might be that they have a friend that is super organised, can project manage a stag or hen ‘do’ like a pro, or on your suggestion of a new business has planned the strategy, your routes to market and how you can leverage your USP – they also know a great creative team that can get your brand on its way. All the makings of an Account Manager.

As an Account Manager for a small agency, the role again can take many different forms to that of someone at a larger agency. It is unlikely an Account Manager at a larger agency will know the cleaner’s name, or remember to water the plants, or know what all members of the agency had for dinner last night – but here at DNA, being the Account Manager means much more than taking briefs, delivering brilliant creative work to clients and being conscientious with costs. As an Account Manager here you can mould and shape the future in front of you. As a growing Bristol-based company, DNA is moving into the next phase of the business, growing up and growing out. So, as part of a small company, if you have an opinion, it is heard, will be taken onboard and maybe even executed.

As the business has grown, we are lucky enough now to be looking for a new Account Manager. And, I am really looking forward to taking on someone with the enthusiasm and experience to help DNA – and for them to have the opportunity to flourish, as I have.

So, if you know the definition of account management, are enthusiastic, committed, with a penchant for hot beverages with biscuits, then why not apply for the role of Account Manager –

In categories: Business thoughts , DNA news
Author: Tivoli van der Westhuizen
Date published: 14.02.2014

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