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The importance of onboarding – yes, even now!

DNA oboarding

It may be hard to believe in the current crisis, but some businesses are still recruiting – and are doing so at pace.

Whether it’s driving transformation, recruiting more front-line staff to help customers, recruiting more essential back office staff to keep the wheels turning or looking ahead to see what they’ll need to emerge stronger, we’re seeing some businesses are ramping up their recruitment efforts.

But what does that mean for onboarding in this new normal and when we emerge on the other side? Lots of companies see onboarding as a ‘process’ – one that sometimes sits in HR and sometimes sits with a manager, or between the two, but sometimes falls between the cracks.

In these challenging times, it’s more essential than ever that new starters get a great experience and feel engaged before day one, so they succeed and stay.

Either through necessity, due to increased recruiting and a changing work landscape, or because they now have some time to focus on business improvement projects, we’re finding ourselves working with a number of clients right now on optimising their onboarding experience. Experience is the important distinction here. It shouldn’t just be a process, it’s something to be engaged by and will influence the new starter’s relationship with the company before they start, on day one and beyond.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for reviewing and then supercharging your onboarding experience:

Audit the current experience

Map out every touchpoint from initial offer to day one, week one and month one

Are all touchpoints fit for purpose in the current climate / in general?

Have you asked recent hires for feedback?

Is the experience reflective of your employer brand?

Does it cover everything you need it to: the functional, the engaging, the logistics, the social, the expectation setting?

Review all of that info, and be honest… is it an experience or a process?

Ask yourself why?

And how you could do better…

How can we enhance the existing touchpoints?

Are the touchpoints engaging? Do we need to improve them?

Are there enough – could we include more?

What else could we do to make it unique to your company and truly employer brand led?

Re-draw the experience you want to offer

Add extra touchpoints

Adapt the ones that don’t work in the current climate

Note the ones which can be enhanced and think about how

Personalise as much as possible

Make sure your employer brand is evident at every stage

Bring it to life!

Give it a try – there are always to optimise what you do and make it even better!

If you need help developing a better and more engaging onboarding experience, talk to us about yours… we can audit your experience, provide guidance on how to improve and what to add, think creatively to promote your employer brand and bring it life throughout, and create offline and digital onboarding experiences which really enhance how your new starter will engage with the business.

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Date published: 21.05.2020

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