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The more data, the merrier…

In an age where your day-to-day activities are monitored and logged one way or another – whether that’s via cookies on the internet, where you’ve used your bank card or even what calls you’ve made – you’d think that our every move is available to marketers to use and analyse. Well, I think it very nearly is.

For many years it has been possible to track a users journey around the internet using sophisticated tracking tags. In a plethora of advertising, it is always useful to get as much data from your campaigns as possible and analyse with digital media are getting you the best return on investment. While this is great for all online media, it doesn’t help those who still value more traditional media sources like newspapers, magazines and outdoor advertising.

Help is at hand.

For over a year now, we (DNA) have been using a call monitoring system (ResponseTap) for one of our clients who still used a large amount of traditional media. While we could see huge benefits for them in PPC and SEO campaigns, they were sure that the traditional media they used had the greatest weight for them. So, rather than just assume – we wanted to make sure they were getting the most for their money and work out the best media for their investment.

Installing the system took a small amount of website development so that each individual will see a different telephone number when viewing their website. You can also generate specific telephone numbers to appear on print adverts and posters. So, where as before you might rely on customers quoting a reference (which, lets be honest – you’ve probably got more chance of Bristol City winning the Premiership) – each media and advert had it’s own specific number. There is no limit to the telephone numbers generated – so you can drill down as much as you like – i.e. by media type, by department, by season etc. Once set-up, there is just a small fee based on the numbers of calls received.

So, is it worth it?

Yes, without a doubt. After setting up this system, we have analysed the data over several months to makes sure there are patterns to the conclusions and been able to pinpoint media that do work, and those that aren’t getting anywhere near the return on investment you would expect. The system has really helped make sure that every penny counts and that your return on investment can be monitored in real time.

In categories: Business thoughts , Campaign management and ROI tracking , Digital advertising
Author: Tivoli van der Westhuizen
Date published: 13.03.2013

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