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We are open, differently, but still open....

Following yesterday’s directive, the DNA team have decided it’s probably for the best that we work from home, because we are lucky enough to be able to and it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Whilst we are home exercising ‘social distancing’, we don’t want you to be strangers – far from it. You can still get hold of us, however and whenever you want - we’re on mobile, landline, email, Skype, Teams – sometimes more than one at the same time – because that’s how we roll!!! We’re still building websites, writing comms and content plans, animating to our hearts content and doing all the ‘stuff’ we normally do. Albeit without the overflowing biscuit tin.

Undeniably, the conversations may have changed over the last couple of weeks, however, plenty of clients are using the ‘gift of time’ to complete their ‘when-I-get-around-to-it-projects’ and others are committing YE budgets for work into the year ahead.

In these unprecedented times, we’re with you and very much open for business. So, if you want to talk to us about anything from your people agenda to how enforced time with your nearest and dearest is driving you round the twist, feel free to get in touch.

Date published: 24.03.2020

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