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What's your staff retention model?

We’ve just changed our IT outsourcing partner. I know that’s a really dull sentence with which to start a blog but please bear with me.

The old lot were okay. Stuff would go wrong and they’d send a chap round in the obligatory polo shirt and he’d usually fix it, sometimes quite quickly, sometimes not. The problem was the disruption to the staff, the client work and the business as a whole – and the fact that he’d be back again before too long which meant more disruption in a rather depressingly inevitable and inefficient cycle.

The new lot have a different model. They put in a lot of hard work at the start to make sure our IT doesn’t break down, working proactively to make sure everything in the environment is as it should be. Occasionally things do go wrong but they’re the exception and fixed quickly and quietly and we learn from it.

It got me thinking about staff retention. We had a conversation with a client about their recruitment needs in quarter one of the new financial year. There were 100 ‘new’ vacancies and 100 replacement hires due to staff attrition. We questioned why they were so accepting of the 100 leavers, ‘the answer was ‘because they always do in Q1’. We challenged the acceptance quite strongly and sought to understand why people were leaving and why this spike was a particular feature. And, as a result, put in the proactive comms and engagement measures that actually reduced the 100 quite considerably.

The lesson here is that every organisation doesn’t have to fall into the ‘break fix’ trap. With a little proactive effort, a lot of listening and the right amount of meaningful action you can have a more consistent and less wasteful - and more engaging - business. With our new outsource provider (Solsoft by the way) we get an average of an extra 20 minutes ‘uptime’ per user per day and a lot less hassle.

How could your people plan benefit from more ‘uptime’ and less hassle through better retention? To find out, give us a call on 0117 300 3000 or email

In categories: Business thoughts , Employee engagement , Recruitment
Author: John
Date published: 01.05.2017

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