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When you know you’re getting the employment experience right

There was a really interesting quote in Saturday’s Superbrands supplement from David Philips, Exec Director at the City and Guilds. ‘Having a strong brand purpose means that we are all working together towards a clear and common goal. If the staff don’t understand and live the purpose, then it doesn’t really exist’.

The brand or ‘noble’ purpose is too often forgotten in employee engagement. People seek and deserve meaning in their work and it’s a critical lever in the journeys we create for clients to take their staff from just transactional employment to true emotional engagement.

It reminded me of the work we did with OVO Energy from their early days when they were 60 or so people in an old aircraft hangar in Kemble through to the landmark relocation to Bristol and the subsequent growth to several hundred staff. They knew they’d passed a critical point when the staff started telling us different things. In the early days the feedback was consistent and was always, ‘I work for OVO but…..’ ‘ it’s not my forever job’, ‘it’s energy and a bit dull’, ‘I have to start in the call centre and that’s not what I expect as a graduate’.

A couple of years and a lot of hard work in defining and shaping the employment experience across the employee lifecycle – from attraction to exit - it changed. The one to ones and focus groups were saying, ‘I work for OVO and…..’ ‘it’s great we stick it up the big 6 energy firms every day’, ‘what we do is important, we come in here every day to be the champion the consumer needs’ , it’s like a tribe here’, ‘I’m in the call centre now and looking forward to the next challenge wherever that might be in OVO’.

Two little three letter words. But. And. A world of difference.

Author: John
Date published: 11.04.2018

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