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Animated film for customer engagement Solsoft

Solsoft animated film

In a nutshell

Having launched a Managed IT Security Service, Solsoft wanted to educate existing customers and prospects about the dangers of cyber attacks and how their service would help detect and prevent them.

The challenge

Cyber attacks are evolving and becoming increasingly prevalent. Businesses need to be aware of the threat they present and take action to mitigate them and be compliant with regulations. The subject matter is complex with lots of potential threats to convey and educate the audience about. We also wanted to make it clear that despite the threatening landscape there is a solution in the form of Solsoft’s service. DNA had to find a way to present this information in an engaging and easy to understand way which would appeal to a variety of decision makers.

The solution

We created an animated film that conveyed the complexity and danger of the current landscape and then showed how Solsoft’s Managed IT Security Service could help detect and reduce the likelihood of these attacks.

You can see the film here:


In addition to the film, which was added to their website, we also produced snippets and graphics for use on social media.

The outcome

The film was well received by existing customers and prospects alike. The animation is sent to prospects to explain visually what Solsoft do and why. This usually results in them booking a meeting with to discuss more. Prospects are both existing Managed IT Services clients who need to upgrade their security, and new companies.

What our client said:

“DNA helped us navigate the production and delivery of a simplified presentation - via an animation, of a very complex scenario that ordinarily would be very difficult to convey by other means of communication. Great input and engagement from the team at DNA.”

Mike Ralston - CEO

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