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Annual Report - Branding Bath Building Society

In a nutshell

We have worked with Bath Building Society since 2013 to concept, design and create all their marketing collateral. Part of this task has been the materials required for their Annual General Meeting (AGM). However, we haven’t, before now, been able to tackle the redesign of their Annual Report. This year, BBS, took the decision to invest further in the materials to produce a completely branded set of accounts. 

The challenge

In previous years, DNA had provided a cover for the Annual Report but the internal pages were set-up in Word and Excel. This is due to the formal approval process needed for any financial accounts, both internally and by external Auditors. The challenge being the approval process itself, as well as the timescales in which this process takes place.

The solution

To alleviate some of the time pressures for the Annual Report design and artworking, we set-up a template for the document in early September. This was approved with previous content, so that we were able to use the live content in March, when the accounts become available.  

The outcome

The AGM collateral is now all fully branded, supporting the Society’s professional, consistent reputation. The elements of the project include:

  • The Members’ Review - a summary document sent to all Society Members.
  • Voting Form - a form which enables their Members’ to vote on the Board for the coming year.
  • Questionnaire - a customer survey so they can ensure that their service to Members’ is consistent which expectations.
  • Annual Report - the full accounts summary of their previous financial year.

What our client said...

DNA have been keen to help us really sort out our Annual Report for many years and finally we were able to by starting a lot earlier in the process and creating a template that worked for us. They led the project and steered us in the right direction to get the right template for us to use.

DNA are like an extension of our team which really helps as they understand exactly what we want and when we want it. This year’s collateral has gone down very well, and it is being talked about as the best ever!

I’m not sure what we’d do without them!

BBS Annual Report BBS Annual Report BBS Annual Report

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