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Creative Direct Mail ARNO

In a nutshell

ARNO are a global retail agency with over 80 years of experience designing and delivering unforgettable brand experiences across in-store, ‘shop in shop’ and POS. Working with the likes of Dyson, Sony, Timberland and many, many more, they’ve also got an enviable portfolio to their name. ARNO needed to reach out 500 key prospects across the UK and Europe to remind them they can be trusted to deliver retail design that works. 

The challenge

We needed to get through directly to our decision makers and leave a lasting mark that would keep ARNO front of mind until the prospects had need of a service like ARNO’s.

The solution

It quickly became evident that a targeted and creative direct mail campaign would be the most cost effective way to reach out to our key prospects. We knew that they get a lot of mail at work and we knew that a lot of it goes in the bin, ignored or forgotten. Our campaign couldn’t end up this way, so we devised a small but extraordinary package that would be hard for even the toughest of prospects to cast aside. We sent them a beautiful desk garden. Well, we sent them a garden in a neat, ARNO-branded pod that with a little bit of tender, loving care would grow quickly into a beautiful desk garden! Accompanied by the message ‘design that delivers growth’, we hinted at what could lie within the non-descript, aluminium tube we’d sent them, then revealed all in a small but perfectly formed leaflet. Crucially, this also explained who had sent it and why.

The addition of an environmental ‘good deed’ incentive encouraged prospects to get in touch and reflected ARNO’s sustainability efforts.

The outcome

The campaign was deemed a big success with ARNO receiving a hugely warm response. One potential client even said it was ‘the best campaign [they’ve] ever seen’. A number of new business meetings were generated immediately off the back of the campaign and several prospects that were not previously aware of ARNO expressed an interest in doing business with them in the near future.

Most importantly, the campaign opened up one-to-one conversations with many in their target audience for ongoing relationship building. A follow up campaign is being planned to build on this success and maintain momentum. 

To talk to us about your own creative direct mail campaign, give us a call on 0117 300 3000 or email

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