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Creative Direct Mail ARNO

In a nutshell

ARNO are a global retail agency with over 80 years of experience designing and delivering unforgettable brand experiences across in-store, ‘shop in shop’ and POS. Having already worked together on a successful direct mail campaign, ARNO approached us looking for a way to introduce themselves to people they would be meeting ahead of a three-day marketing forum.

The challenge

The forum was being held aboard a cruise ship setting sail from Southampton docks in just a few days’ time so we were working to a tight deadline. We needed to come up with a cost-effective and speedy solution to make sure ARNO gave the best first impression possible.

The solution

We came up with a fun ‘Sea Sickness Survival Kit’ to mail out to the people attending the forum. The bespoke pillow packs were filled with essentials like travel sickness bands, energy tablets, eye masks and ear plugs to help everyone find their sea legs and get through the long days (and nights!) on board. We timed the kits to arrive the day before the forum began to ensure they were fresh in people’s minds, and the handy size meant they were perfect for slipping into an overnight bag at the last minute.

The outcome

ARNO had fantastic feedback from the people attending the forum, who really appreciated the practical and thoughtful kits. Not only did everyone bring their kits along and make good use of the contents, some participants even posted about them on social media. ARNO were the only agency to send something out prior to the forum so the kits really stood out and made a big impact on those attending. Most importantly, the kits served as a great first impression and introduction to ARNO.  

Arno kit 1 Arno kit 2


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