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Email Marketing & Customer Engagement Sutton & East Surrey Water Services

In a nutshell

We designed a fully responsive email template for SESWS to use to engage with members of their ‘Priority Club’, sharing news and exclusive offers.

The challenge

SESWS set up their email programme the ‘Priority Club’ in 2013. In exchange for an email address individuals receive exclusive news, offers and discounts. This is obviously a great way of staying in regular contact with customers and prospects. They wanted the email to be responsive, appealing to customers across a range of services and products, and easy to edit – whether you were an HTML whiz or not.   

The solution

We started by looking at the different communication requirements and used that as the framework for a fully responsive template design. It offers flexibility to changing communication requirements, across multiple business areas and is still easily editable by a non-technical marketer.

The outcome

We have developed a template that:

  • Presents a more professional impression of the organisation and makes the content layout more digestible and easier to engage with.
  • Is easily adaptable to different communication/business needs.
  • Is easily and quickly editable, reducing the time required to produce each campaign.
  • Is fully responsive.

In categories: Creativity & Collateral Development, Customer Engagement, Email Marketing

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