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Email Marketing Template Development Descartes

In a nutshell

We developed a fully responsive and easily editable email template enabling Descartes to stay in touch with customers, share news and product offers.

The challenge

Email is a key communication channel for Descartes. Although they had the basics of their email programme covered, the template didn’t bring the brand to life and wasn’t easy for the in-house marketing team to edit and customise.

The solution

We took the opportunity to review the existing sign-up journey and the email template design, to identify any changes that could be made to encourage more sign-up and improve engagement levels in subsequent email communications. A number of changes have been made to the sign-up process - the amount of data collected has been reduced, as it wasn’t required - and the website has been enabled so the sign-up form can be added in more prominent positions.

We designed and built a fully responsive, easily editable email template that is adaptable to different communication and business needs. It presents a more professional impression of the organisation and makes the content more digestible and easier to engage with.

The outcome

In the words of our client…

“DNA delivered an email template that exceeded our brief and expectations. It has helped us to achieve significant improvements in the email open rate (up to 46%) and click through rate (up to 16%).”

Descartes Descartes

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