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Employer Brand Pets at Home


In a nutshell

Developing a unique employer brand for a unique business in rapid change.

The challenge

Pets at Home has something unique in common with their customers – it’s an instant connection and a special bond – and that’s their love of pets. But if you think it’s all about cuddling cutie pies and fluffiness you’d be very wrong. They have a strong set of values that are authentic, lived and understood and underpin everything they do (We put pets before profit; We make it fun; We work as a team; We take pride in what we do; We get better every day; We do what we say we'll do) . And more than that they are on a journey embracing the challenge of change.

However, as with all retailers the threat and opportunity inherent in change is very real. All the systems and processes are being reinvented, having been designed with a bricks and mortar estate in mind and now the business has to migrate fast to omnichannel. Furthermore customers don’t just want a product or a service, they demand an experience and staff have to be able to deliver that with real customer interaction and a genuine passion. ‘Memory makers’ are what’s required and nothing less will do. And as a publicly quoted business, with ambitious targets, achieving the KPIs day in day out is non negotiable.

So how could we convey this sense of purpose? How could we appeal to those people who would thrive in this environment and contribute to the next chapter in the Pets at Home story?

The solution

To achieve these challenging goals we followed the DNA Way, our tried and tested seven stage process to develop the right EVP and Employer Brand for every client. We reviewed engagement survey and exit data and ran focus groups in stores, in the support office and in the DCs. By the end of the process we knew the client better than they knew themselves, ensuring that every decision in the process thereafter would be securely knowledge based.

Once we’d fully understood what the research was telling us, a collaborative, engaging and enjoyable few weeks were spent with the Pets team discussing and refining our EVP and Employer Brand options. And, after more rigorous testing, we arrived on the brand that would deliver the crucial platform, internally and externally, underpinning the unique Pets at home employment experience.

The outcome

The new employer brand  ‘A different breed. And then some.' Now appearing in all attraction material, a new careers site and every touch point along the employee lifecycle.

Succinct to the point and honest messaging. Original and compelling photography and video. And a differentiated candidate experience within the framework of a new fit for purpose careers site.

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