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Employer Brand Development Endsleigh

In a nutshell

Endsleigh is a major recruiter in Cheltenham and Burnley but they needed an employer brand to help give them recognition in key talent markets both in and out of the local area. 

The challenge

To create an strong employer brand which would elevate Endsleigh Insurance as a local recruiter but also raise awareness of them beyond the local market. They wanted to establish their employee value proposition and create a compelling employer brand from that. 

The solution

Several employees, from various areas and levels within the business, took part in focus groups and research exercises to determine what it was like to work for Endsleigh. By doing this, we were then able to come up with an EVP - Employee Value Proposition. From this, we were able to come up with an employer brand concept which embraced their vision and values and would therefore resonate with both current and future employees. We organised a photo shoot in both offices getting their own employees to interact in a way that would show the organisation’s personality. This was done by hiring a photo booth and asking colleagues to come in - on their own or in small groups - to have their photos taken. These images were then used as the concept was rolled out across all recruitment collateral from on and offline ads, websites and internal literature. 

The outcome

The resulting work gave us a strong EVP which represented the organisation and we had a bank of photography that showed their staff in a natural way. We designed and built a recruitment website and also produced several videos - again using their employees - to bring the employment experience to life and show personality. The result has seen a cohesive approach to all aspects of recruitment collateral, on brand and on message.

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