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EVP and Employer Brand Andrews Estate Agents

andrews case study

Andrews Estate Agents set out on their Employer Branding journey with several clear objectives in mind. It was felt that cost per hire was too high and could be reduced. Furthermore attrition in the first three months was unacceptably high. And thirdly, in an industry undergoing rapid change we needed to be sure to be recruiting the right staff, staff who would embrace further change and who could deliver the new brand promise for customers. Alongside the investment in brand, change brought opportunities to improve processes and reporting.

After an indepth discovery phase and careful copy crafting, a clear and compelling EVP was the statement of intent as to what Andrews stands for as an employer. Emerging from this, the new employer brand ‘The spirit of Andrews’ encapsulated the passion, purpose and professionalism of this unique business. And the new messaging was taken directly to the external talent market through an attraction toolkit, a state of the art careers site and an enhanced personalised candidate experience. Internally, induction and each touch point have changed or/are in the cross hairs for change in 2019.

andrews case study 2

It’s early days. The new careers site only went live in the latter part of 2018 but the early results are encouraging. Cost per hire has reduced from over £900 to less than £200 and work is underway to reduce this further. Attrition in the first three months has reduced by 30% already and will reduce further.

Dawn Andrews, Head of HR, said “We are delighted at the value that HR is adding to the business. We’re hiring the right people who will drive our top line performance but more than that, the significant reduction in cost per hire and early attrition is money straight to the bottom line. It’s a journey and there’s a lot more to be done but it’s a great start”

andrews case study 3

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