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EVP and employer brand development Brunelcare


In a nutshell

Developing a compelling EVP and a resonant employer brand to differentiate Brunelcare in a noisy, crowded and competitive market.

The challenge

Recruiting across the nursing and care sectors is a challenging for all employers. Patients and service users require consistency, continuity and expert provision. That’s hard to achieve when pay rates and the overall supply of labour are under severe pressure. Brunelcare however have an advantage, they have a great story to tell, a unique heritage and a bright, positive future. We had to bring that to life, authentically and with our clear project objectives in mind.

The solution

As always it starts with setting objectives – we need new and more relevant tools to help the talent teams compete in the market, cutting time and cost per hire and providing cut through to some hard to reach audiences. We also want to tell our story better internally – who we are, why we are and why we’re different - to help improve cohesion and staff retention. We reviewed existing data on engagement, attrition and more and ran a number of one-to-one discovery sessions with key stakeholders as well as meeting the nurses and carers – and service users – in their day-to-day roles. We also ran a competitor review process to understand what was being said (or claimed) in the market to understand fully how our differentiated and authentic message would stand out.

We then developed the pillars for the new EVP, a range of possible EVP and employer brand ideas, running and facilitating collaborative discussion with the key stakeholders and internal testing.

The outcome

Together with the committed and talented Brunelcare team we developed a suite of work we’re all really proud of. The pillars for the EVP help set the framework and act as a ‘North star’ for all messages. Our EVP as the statement of intent as to what we stand for as an employer is truly authentic and engaging. And our employer brand is already hard at work internally and externally.

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