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Internal Comms & Organisational Change Joules

In a nutshell

We developed a brand for an internal project and communicated it across a range of mediums including video, print and online.

The challenge

Joules were embarking on a project which would have a big impact across the organisation. They needed to raise awareness of the project and engage staff with what it would mean for them in a positive and informative way. The project would effect everyone in the organisation on some level so it was important everyone understood what it meant for them and how it would help drive the company forwards.

The solution

We developed a brand identity and name for the project, as well as a look and feel for all materials. The roll out included a printed booklet, an animated film narrated by the CEO and a selection of giveaways for all staff.

The outcome

The project launch was well received and the identity continues to be used across the programme throughout its lifecycle. It’s immediately recognisable within the company and the change management team received good feedback on the materials produced and their ability to convey the project purpose in an engaging way. 

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