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Launching Vision and Values Infinis

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Bringing your vision and values to life

Infinis are a company on a mission. Well led, with proven market leading credentials they are already the largest renewable generator from landfill gas in the UK, and that’s just the start as they continue to grow, innovate and diversify.

The how they’ll achieve their ambitious goals is through their values – and I for one would back them both now and in the future.

With the vision and mission set, over 80% of the staff met over a period of a few months to help define the values. What makes us us? What are we everyday? What marks us out as different? (remember vision, mission top down, values bottom up). The team developed an excellent set of values with a clear if lengthy rationale behind each. Our job was to absorb them, understand them and truly bring them to life in the hearts, minds and actions of every member of staff – from head office to each remote site, from the long servers to the apprentices and newest joiners.

Our first task was to make the values succinct and memorable for everyone. We produced the new versions in printed and video format, aware that different people take on information in different ways. And we also needed to frame or rather ‘brand ‘ the exercise – the mission, the journey. The ambition to grow, the values and something that would put future change in context. And ‘The possibilities are Infinis…..’ was born.

We need to do more however to truly embed the values in all staff. Why them? Why now? Why is it so important to the fabric of life around here?

Every member of the 300 or so staff came together over three successive Tuesdays – about 100 per session. After a morning of company presentations we brought the values to life. Broken into small competitive teams the staff had to work together to complete a number of problem solving challenges each centered around a value – excellence, innovation, openness, responsibility, fulfillment, commitment. The completion of the six challenges yielded the finale – to build a rocket from a coke bottle and a kit provided, and to decorate it with the branding and the values. (As you can imagine a room full of hands-on engineers loved it). We then launched each rocket using water and compressed air. We really did launch the values to loud cheers, much laughter and more importantly an understanding that the vision and values are something you live every day in your work, not something stuck on a wall to tick a box or hide a damp patch.

Look out for this engaged, expert and focused business as they continue to diversify and grow. As we said, ‘The possibilities are Infinis….’

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