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Leader Development Programme Ovo Energy

In a nutshell

Ovo are a young company that have undergone huge growth in a short period of time. They have a very inspirational and driven leader and work at a fast pace. They believe fully in developing their people as they feel this is critical to their development as a business. They want to be an employer of choice and as such are committed to recruiting, training and supporting the best people they can. This was the launch of their first level leaders programme.

The challenge

To create a memorable launch to their first level leaders programme. The launch event was to be on the SS Great Britain in Bristol. We were given a very short deadline and had to produce everything from invites to the event, as well as a way that the individual could keep track of their progress through the following months and information on all the learning modules.

The solution

Each employee embarking on the course was sent a travel document folder with a letter inside and a personalised invitation in the form of a boarding pass to the SS Great Britain. On arrival, they were each given a folder which housed information on each module they’d be learning and other items including a map which represented the journey they’d take. As each module finished, they required a way to document this, so we produced personalised skills passports with their own photos and information inside. Each page was a learning module and at the end of the module, their manager stamped the relevant page with rubber passport stamps that we designed and had made up.

The outcome

The launch programme was extremely well received and all the first level leaders kept their pack and passports and continued to use them over the months of the programme. It was so successful that OVO decided to run the same approach for a second year.

What our client said

“Another programme launched at OVO! With your help a huge success and very well received. The materials looked fab. I really appreciate all your efforts in making it happen. As always, it’s been a pleasure!” 

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